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  • What is a Value Proposition?

Value Propositions, value props for short, are brief statements on how your product/ company will solve for the challenges (Pain Points) your target buyer Persona's are facing.

When thinking about your solution's Value Prop, ask yourself:

"In what way does our product or service solve a specific pain point/ problem for our customers?"

  • How many Value Props are recommended for each target persona?

If you are a Regie Admin, Creator & Publisher, or Creator and are tasked with setting your site up for success, we recommend creating 1-2 Value Prop snippets for each of your target buyer Personas.

  • How long should a Value Prop be in length?

In Regie, Value Prop snippets should be brief and concise, at 200 characters or less (approximately 1 sentence).

  • Where should we save our Value Proposition snippets to in the Content Library?

As a Regie Admin, Creator & Publisher, or Creator, your team's Value Prop snippets are to be stored in a dedicated "Value Propositions" named folder. 

Regie provides this folder for your team by default and is located within the publicly accessible "Team Files" section of your Regie workspace's Content Library.

  • What is the benefit to adding Value Props to my Content Library?

Once added to Regie, Value Propositions snippets can be:

  1. Automatically referenced by the Rapid Writer in the Chrome Extension for instantly personalized messages (If the Rapid Writer feature is enabled within the workspace)
  2. Easily accessed by any Chrome Extension users creating their own messages using the Personalizer
  3. Used as inputs for Campaign/Sequence building in Regie

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