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Frequently asked questions for leveraging Regie's PDF reader for Rapid Writer enablement

Jennifer Rice

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Q: I have included a PDF of my target buyer Persona profile that contains both their unique Pain Points and our Value Proposition. Can Regie's Rapid Writer use this to create personalized messages?

A: Yes absolutely! Regie is intelligent enough to read the full context of your PDFs, picking up any value propositions or pain points mentioned inside, allowing Regie to generate persona-driven Rapid Writer messages for each of your target buyers. 

Simply upload the target buyer's PDF doc to the appropriate folder in "Team Files" of the Content Library (You'll want to nest it in the Value Proposition or Pain Point folder), tag the appropriate persona(s) to the PDF doc and you'll be set!

Q: If my PDF contains more than one ICP profile, each with their own pain points and value propositions, can Regie still read it?

A: To make sure that Regie understands which persona the information is meant for, separate any large PDFs into smaller ones that just focus on one particular buyer persona at a time, before uploading the Content and tagging to the appropriate persona.

Q: Does my PDF need explicit Value Proposition or Pain Point headers for Regie to read the content correctly?

A: No headers are required. Regie is smart enough to read the entire context of your uploaded PDF, and reference value propositions or pain points that are mentioned for the tagged Persona.

Q: What if I already have a few Value Prop and Pain Point snippets in my Content Library that are linked to a Persona? Once I upload and tag the PDF that contains additional information on my target buyer profile, is there a priority as to where the Rapid Writer will look first to reference for personalization?

A: No, there is no priority right now. Regie will randomly select the most appropriate value proposition and pain point.

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