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Select the type of message you want Rapid Writer to create for the workspace.

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With Regie's Rapid Writer enabled, Admins can select the type of instantly personalized messages their Rapid Writer should generate in the Chrome Extension.

The Rapid Writer in the Chrome Extension can produce one of the following message types by default for your reps:

1. Email intro line, customized to your prospect's persona and best used to generate a compelling hook.

2. Personalized email body, subject line included, tailored to your prospect's persona.

3. Persona-driven personalized LinkedIn Message

In this article, we'll show where you can manage your workspace's default Rapid Writer message type.

How to Change Your Default Rapid Writer Message Settings

1. In your Regie Platform from the left-side navigation bar, select to expand your Brand Kit  and then click Prompts.

2. At the top of the Prompts page you'll see your workspace's Rapid Writer message options. 

3. Select the desired default Rapid Writer Output Type.

Keep in mind, only one Rapid Writer Output Type can be selected for a 


That's it, you're all set! 

With these settings applied, the Rapid Writer will know to produce the default message type you've selected.

Next, you'll want to review or make adjustments to your workspace's Rapid Writer Prompt and Personalization Data Source Priorities.

  • Rapid Writer Prompt serves as a set of instructions, or a guide for the AI, so it knows how to structure the personalized messages it instantly generates for your prospects.
  • Personalization Data Source Priority let's you decide what the preferred order of data sources are to be used as personalization inputs by the AI to craft the customized message.

Please see our Rapid Writer: Customize your Email Personalization Prompt and Rapid Writer: Personalization Data Source Priority articles for more details and instructions!

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