Rapid Writer: Create Messages using Salesforce CRM Data

See how to use the Rapid Writer to create relevant, personalized messages to prospects using Salesforce CRM Data in seconds

Jennifer Rice

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The Rapid Writer is a powerful tool that quickly tailors your messages to a prospect's Persona, ensuring it speaks to both your company's unique value proposition and their own job title to create an instantly personalized, sales-ready email in seconds.

Once your Regie Workspace is integrated with your Salesforce CRM, the Rapid Writer can not only personalize outbound emails in seconds, but elevate relevancy by using specific Salesforce Account and Contact Objects prioritized by a Regie Admin and further guided by a custom prompt.

See how effortless it is for Regie Chrome Extension Users to personalize their messages with Salesforce CRM Data using the Rapid Writer by watching the video below.

In this example, the user's Regie Workspace Personalization Settings have established and prioritized certain Salesforce CRM Data Sources to help with personalization, and has a customized default prompt in place to help the Rapid Writer with structuring emails that reflect their brand's voice.

Salesforce CRM Data can be used automatically by the Rapid Writer by default or manually applied within the following applications:

Sales Engagement Platforms

  • Outreach
  • Salesloft
  • Hubspot

Email Clients

  • GMail
  • Outlook (Online only)


  • LinkedIn Messages
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Need to integrate your Salesforce CRM with Regie? See the linked article for instructions on How to Connect your CRM to your Regie Workspace.

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