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Lightning fast AI-assisted editing with the new and improved Context Menu

Jennifer Rice

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We’ve recently redesigned the Regie Context Menu as we expanded its overall functionality and made its features more user-friendly.

The Context Menu is now easier than ever to use for all your editing needs with the help of

Where can I find the Context Menu?

The new and improved Context Menu is available in both the Regie App and the Regie Chrome Extension.

To use the Context Menu outside of the Regie app, make sure you have downloaded the Chrome Extension.

To access the Context Menu, follow these simple instructions:

1. Highlight a piece of text using your mouse. This can be a sentence, paragraph or an entire email.

2. Select the "Ask AI" feature (as shown above) to prompt Regie by specifying the changes you want to make to the highlighted text.

3. After selecting "Ask AI", you can also Press “/” on your keyboard to reveal quick commands, like rephrase/shorten/expand the highlighted text.

What features of the Context Menu have changed?

When you highlight a piece of text with the Chrome Extension or within the Regie app, you still have access to all the editing features you know and love like to shorten, rephrase, expand your text.

We've updated the Context Menu to also include the new “Ask AI" feature which provides the added flexibility to prompt (or instruct) Regie on specific improvements you want to make to the text you've highlighted.

With "Ask AI" the opportunities to prompt Regie on custom editing needs are endless and can include prompts like:

  • “Improve writing”
  • “Make this humorous”
  • “Make more formal”
  • "Translate into Arabic"

Happy Editing!

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