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Jennifer Rice

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Regie's Chrome Extension (Co-Pilot) has recently undergone a few updates and polishes.

Review the changes we've made to streamline the Regie Extension, and see how we've made your favorite personalization and prospecting features easier than ever to use!

Who is impacted by this change?

  • All Regie users will enjoy an updated Prospect Panel & Message Personalizer 
  • Additional Bolt and Rapid Writer updates are for all Regie Users belonging to an Enterprise Account 

The Rapid Writer Bolt

Sales reps can instantly generate sales-ready messages with just one click using The Bolt, which is already available in your Sales Engagement Platform, email inbox and throughout LinkedIn.

The Bolt's Settings have been updated to provide greater transparency on which Persona Regie has quickly paired your prospect with, now giving you the freedom to fine-tune the Persona, if needed. 

Note: Demo of The Bolt has no sound.

The Rapid Writer

The Rapid Writer allows reps to personalize their messages and emails to prospects in mere seconds and with just a few clicks. Reps love this feature as they can review three sales-ready messages at once.

With our recent update, the Rapid Writer feature is now in it's own dedicated panel of the Extension.

Reps will also be able to access all Persona and Message Settings before having generate the personalized content.

Updated Prospect Lookup Panel & Message Personalizer Workflow

The Prospect Panel and Message Personalizer reduces the time and guesswork of researching their prospects to create a relevant, personalized message.

See how we've enhanced the look and feel Prospect Panel and made improvements to the Message Personalizer's functionality.

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