Welcome Tour: Navigating your Regie Platform

Jennifer Rice

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We've recently made it even easier to discover and access essential parts of the Regie platform that customers like you use the most.

Get oriented to the updated site navigation on the Regie App below!

Home Page

Quickly access the most popular Regie features designed to assist users tasked to create Sequences for their Sales and Marketing communication strategies.

Commonly accessed AI Toolkit modules such as the Personalizer, Social Posts and the dynamic Start from Scratch feature are also quickly and easily accessible directly from this view.


Regie Users that have decided employ Auto-Pilot to autonomize their Outbound and Nurture sequences can easily access the feature here.

Note: Agents will only show the Dynamic sequences that are created in Regie.


All Co-Pilot features, are accessible in this section, which come standard with any Regie subscription.

The Team Dashboard is here to monitor the users within your workspace’s Personalization Activity as they use the Regie Chrome Extension.

Sales and Marketing Leaders can easily create and manage their custom sequences. 

Note: Dynamic sequences for Auto-pilot will not show in Co-Pilot.

Your entire AI Toolkit is also accessible here. The AI Toolkit provides users the opportunity to create a vast variety of different types of email, marketing, and social copy quickly and easily all with the assistance of AI.

Brand Kit

Regie Admins or anyone tasked with setting up their Regie platform for success will want to leverage the Brand Kit section.

Collateral houses your personal and team’s Content Library.

Admins will want to enter company information in the workspace’s General Settings so that Regie can use these insights to best understand your business and used by Regie to generate content.

Establish and manage your org’s target Personas from the Personas Tab. Personas keep your added content organized, allows you to save time creating new sequences and campaigns, and help create personalized messages for your team through the Rapid Writer on the Chrome Extension.

Admins can manage their workspace's Prompt Settings and Prompt Library from the Prompts Tab. Prompts are what drive the structure and tone of messages generated through both the Rapid Writer and Personalizer of the Chrome Extension.


This is where Regie Users can access and manage their Regie Account.

Leaders will also want to leverage Settings to manage their Workspace’s Members(or Users),  Lists and Tags, and Integrations.

Personalization Activity for the entire Organization are monitored here. Much like the Team Dashboard, Organization Analytics are helpful for Leaders that have a Regie platform with multiple workspaces to oversee and need to easily track and monitor the Personalization Activities across several workspaces.


A powerful resource that is available to all Regie users is the Regie.ai Community, where you can connect, network and learn from other members.

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